Ever since the launch of Apple TV, the public has been awaiting the arrival of Google TV, which was supposed to be better, faster, and all-around cooler. Recently, the popular website Ifixit took the Logitech Revue apart, and found…a netbook?

According to them, it was a major letdown. The look, feel, keyboard and specs of the product were all too netbook. How does it compare to the Apple TV?

Google TV includes a processor of 1.2 Ghz Intel Atom whereas the Apple TV runs on A4 with 1Ghz. There is a significant difference in the RAM of the two devices. While the Google TV brags a 1GB RAM, the Apple TV has only 256MB of RAM.

So the Google TV problems aren’t too bad; it’s still a better product than Apple TV, but it definitely wasn’t what people were hoping for.

More Google TV problems include the battle over the content from major networks including NBC and CBS. Can you block content from a platform? That’s what they’re doing. Even though Google TV is android based, just like a smartphone, they can’t access the same content.

If you try to access Hulu through Google TV, this is the message you get: “We notice that you are trying to access Hulu from your Google TV. It’s not available, but we are working hard to bring our Hulu Plus subscription service to Google TV! Stay tuned for updates.”

What’s the difference between watching on your smartphone or watching through Google TV? Many tech savvies believe it’s a stab directly at Google, but Michael Learnmonth from Adage is opposing that view:

“The networks are not blocking Google TV because it is Google. They are blocking Google TV because it is putting a web TV show, with web TV show economics, on a TV, which would be incredibly disruptive to their business,” Learnmonth writes.

“The reason the networks are blocking Google TV and Boxee (and Hulu is still PC-only) is about ad revenue: They do not get enough of it from the web. And letting you watch Glee on your TV, but via the web and Google TV, means substituting high broadcast revenue for lower digital revenue.”

Danny sullivan from search engine land had this to say about Hulu blocking content:

“Hey Hulu — you kind of suck. I’m not trying to access you from Google TV. I’m trying to access you using a web browser, which just happens to run through Google TV. Explain to me again why if I hook my computer up to my TV, and navigate to Hulu to watch the shows you offer for free, that’s OK.

But if I use my Google TV computer, that same free content is verboten — and the only way for me to get to it is if in the future, you decide to make the free content available through your not-so-free $10 per month Hulu Plus service that’s not even available beyond special invites on your own site.”

It’s easy to see why he’s frustrated, as are thousands of others who have Google TV problems. If this keeps up, I don’t know how many people are going to stay with it.

Personally, I was super excited to get Google TV, but now that I’ve seen what it can do, I’m going to hold off until I can get the content I want.