Google Social Search Gets a +1 Button

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Google seems to have taken a page out of the Facebook book with its latest development. Its called the +1 button.

Google +1 button

We’ve all used the “Like” button on Facebook whether you want to admit it or not. It has some really great uses. If one of your friends posts a really great link or bit of news chances are you might not even see it unless it shows up in your Top News feed. The Like button is a good way to push it to the top of more news feeds.

The Google +1 button is almost the same thing but for your regular search results. When you are searching while signed into your Google account you will start to see a +1 button next to each page and ad. If your friends have searched the same thing in the past and found specific result particularly helpful they can give it a +1. That way when you search later on you can spend more time with quality sites that your friends have recommended and then return the favor for your future searchers.

How will this affect SEO? Well its yet another reason to make sure your site user-friendly instead of just search-engine-friendly. If you have a really high quality site that people want to share it could be great news for your business even if you are lower down in the search results. It may require businesses to not only focus on search engine optimization but social media optimization services as well.

Could it be bad for SEO? Many people think this will open up a new door for spammers. However, if you see recommendations from only your friends that wouldn’t allow spammers to get very far.

The button has yet to be implemented, but it is an exciting development on the horizon. Do you think it will be successful?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director