Google imagesIf you are thinking of implementing a strategic internet marketing campaign, you will be interested to know that Google recently announced a new Image Search User Interface and a new Image Search Ads . This new design improves image search in several ways. However, the most significant change on the new Image Search Ads opens up ads on Google Images to all advertisers, which has been limited to retailers with image feeds via product extensions.

Among the new features on the consumer image search, you’ll find a new, more attractive “tiled” layout, which eliminates all the text that was showing below every image. Infinite scroll that eliminates the need of clicking “next,” since the new scrolling pages can hold up to 1,000 images each. Also, the new features include larger thumbnail images a hover preview that offers more information about the image.

Through this new design, Google will be able to improve how users view images in the Google images page, which is actually has more than a billion views per day.

Here are some the new looks of the Google Image results:

Google's new image search design

Google's new image search design

Phil Sanders