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Google Social Network

google social network
There is a lot of talk about the new Google Social Network, Google +. Its obviously meant as a competitor to Facebook, but can it compete against an already established social network with nearly 700 million users? Well here are the facts and you can decide from there.

The Google Plus Invite

google plus invite
Google + is technically still in Beta. With it not yet open to the public you must have an invite from someone who is already in Google Plus. For the past few days now Google has not put a cap on the number of invites one can send out. According to Paul Allen, the founder of, Google + has over 10 million users and is growing at a rate quicker than one million users per day. It has already surpassed the rate of Facebook at the height of its growth and is still not open to the public yet.

Updates to Google Plus

google plus updates
Google Plus already is rich with cool features like group video chat, and new ways to share (circles), but keep in mind that it is still in Beta. The new social network is due for an update and new features sometime before it becomes public. As of right now it lacks the ability to create events like in Facebook although Google Calendar got updated with a Google Plus compatible look earlier this week and integration with the social network is not a bad idea. The photo sharing is already pretty cool, but Google has announced a revamp of Picasa (to be renamed Google Photos) and even better integration with Plus. There aren’t any business pages, like in Facebook, which means that social media marketing services are yet unable to tap into the new social network. More updates are sure to came.

Google Plus Login

google plus login
Once Google Plus is open to the public its not going to be difficult for people to sign up. The Google Plus login is simply your Google login. Those who already use GMail will only have to click a button and they will be on Google Plus. Integration across all of Google’s services is smooth and likely to become smoother. You almost shouldn’t think of Google Plus as a new social network, but as an integration tool to tie all of Google’s services together and a way to share.

google plus
Google Plus does have a tough competitor but its also backed by Google and Google is throwing everything it has into their new service. So what do you think. Is Google + here to stay?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director