This week Google has allowed businesses to create Google+ pages.  If you have not yet got your business on Google+, you should do it soon.

While it is great that Google has made it easy to get a Google+ business page, there are flaws in it being so easy.  There are no verification requirements to create a page.

All that you need to create a Google+ business page are four things.

1. The name you want your business page to beGoogle+ business pages
2. The website associated with your business
3. The category
4. Who can view your page

While it is easy to create a page, your business page can be verified by Google which will give your business page more authority over other business pages.

It is still unclear how you can verify your business page, but supposedly Google will try to get in contact with you to verify your page.

If your business page gets verified by Google then if anyone puts +YourCompanyName, they will be taken directly to your Google+ business page.  If you want to try it out you can search for “+Google” or  “+Pepsi.”

That is very convenient so that the business doesn’t have to do a lot of work to get their company page to appear whenever a user searches for their company in a social media site.  It will be simple for potential customers to find their page.

One flaw of Google+ pages though is that they still don’t allow contests or promotions.  That means that business pages can’t have sweepstakes, coupons, or other promotions on their page.  They would be required to post a link to a site that would run their offers.

Now that Google+ business pages are up, we will see if they can compete with the already established social media sites.  Is this the next battle being fought in the Google and Facebook War?  Can Google compete or have they entered the game to late?


Scott Sundblom