Google Maps Co-Founder, Lars Rasmussen, and AdMob CEO, Omar Hamoui left Google today.

Rasmussen is leaving Google to work for Facebook. He says he’s excited to work for a smaller company of only 2,000 employees instead of roughly 25,000 employees. Discussing the employment size of Facebook, Rasmussen said: “The energy there is just amazing, whereas it can be very challenging to be working in a company the size of Google.”

Another reason for Rasmussen is leaving was his disappointment in Google’s soon-to-be defunct Google Wave which he had worked on. Could Google’s new Local search results also be a part of Rasmussen’s leaving? Is he not happy about the new SEO linked Local results? (Yes SEO now helps your local listing optimization.)

Less than a year after joining Google, AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui, is leaving the company for “personal reasons.”

“He built a fantastic business in a short period of time, and we wish him all the best,” Google said about the billion-dollar Mobile Advertising business that Google AdMob is a large part of.

What does this loss of two great employees do for Google? Will it even have an affect on their huge company? My guess is that it’s just a drop from the bucket.