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From its launch on June 28, 2011, Google Plus has been the butt end of many internet jokes and memes.  However, could Google+ be making a comeback? As of December of 2012, Google+ has had a total of 500 million users with 235 million that are active every month.

Google Plus has continued its fight to become a social media guru, though still in the shadow of the market leader Facebook. Last month Google+ launched a new login feature to create easier access to web and mobile apps.

MEanwhile on google+

This new login for apps should sound very familiar and really is a late reaction to Facebook’s Connect.  Looking at it from a marketing perspective, it is a good placement to compete with Facebook.  Now, we have to decide whether we want to login as our Facebook or Google+ account. However, why would someone choose Google+ over Facebook?

Login Features

First off, for Android users, there is a new feature that will install the app you are using on your web browser onto your phone directly. This is what they are calling the “one-click install” for the Android only.

Next the sharing options will be more extensive than those of Facebook. For example, say you and your friends wanted to get a good buddy of yours a gift for his/her birthday.  If you were l

ogged into with you Google+ account and find the perfect gift, you could share it with all your friends.  Next, you could then set a contribution paying system where each one of your friends could sign on, look at the idea, and pay their part.  Not more hassle with cash and paying back that sometime never happens!

Another feature that differs from Facebook is the group that you share can be specific.  Some things you may only want your family or friends to see.  Google+ will allow you to select which groups from your Google+ Circle to share with.

Google+ Logo

Effects on SEO

Google+ has been an instrument to SEO specialist from its very start.  Especially for a local company that wants to be seen on Google Maps.  Google+ Local has been a major tool for SEO Local and is great for small and

larger local business.  To find more on the important of Google+ for Local work, check out: Why Local Search?

This also might mean a change in Google Analytics data to see what people are doing on your online apps and how to improve your apps framework.  Also, more features could be added from blog commenting login to Hangout integration on apps.

It is a small launch but it can lead to many things that you will want to say on top of to keep your website on top.  Make sure to track and follow what Google+ is up to because you never know when the next paradigm shift will be.  See it from the beginning and take advantage to come out on top!

Photo Credit: Bruce Clay, Inc via Photopin

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director