There are many questions business owners have about their Google+ Page and their Local Google+ Page, like, What is the difference between the two pages? Do we need to verify our business on both? How do we merge the two pages so that we can manage just one page?

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Gplus Expertise

All the answers to the above questions can be answered by Gplus Expertise. Follow the link below to get any questions you have answered about Google+ Pages and Local Google+ Pages:

The Undeniable Future

Question #3 asks, “So will there eventually be only one page?” The answer: “Yes, there will eventually only be just one page to manage, with information integrated across Google — Search, Maps, Google+, mobile.”

Google is working really hard to make this happen. We can’t merge the two pages right now, but Google assures us that it will happen. We just need to give them some time, and they will keep posted every step of the way. Soon we’ll have one page to manage with all the basic information, social features, and every other benefit to promote your business.

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