Google recently made the decision to shut down its search engine in China. This decision is supposed because of the communist government’s censorship of searches and them turning a blind eye to cyber-attacks targeted towards “China human rights activists.”

There was an emotional aspect to co-founder Sergey Brin’s decision, he fled the Soviet Union as a child, “He says memories of that time–having his home visited by Russian police; the anti-Semitic discrimination against his father–emboldened his view that it was time to abandon Google’s policy.”

Even though is leaving China, it has redirected users to its uncensored Google Hong Kong, which is already under Chinese restrictions according to the New York Times.

China only constitutes 1% to 2% of Google’s market, so it won’t be a terrible loss. Many wonders if there is some scheme behind it all. Dell also recently reported that they might be moving their business from China to India.

Tell us what you think Google is leaving China.

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