Based on merchant feedback, Google is now making changes to Google Places for Business in order to improve business categories. This change is taking place in order for users to find businesses in international countries. Before this change, most of the categories were available only to U.S. businesses. But now local SEO is being greatly enhanced on a global scale.

Google’s Announcement on Adding Categories

This is the announcement Google made on their Google Product Forum:

“We are taking a first step of many to improve categories that merchants can use to represent their businesses. Specifically, we’re adding over 1,000 new categories in the new Places dashboard. These categories are available globally and translated to every language Google supports.

This means that currently the Google Places for Business team is working to translate and associate categories in many languages, as complicated of a task this can become.

Categories that Support Regional Dialects

As some countries have different dialects and also have different English phrases than Americans use, Google touched on this subject in the announcement:

“Additionally, we’ve just launched support for regional dialects in business categories on both Places for Business and Google Maps!  As an example, an English speaking business owner in India can now choose the commonly used term Petrol Pump as their business category instead of the term Gas Station, which is uncommon in India.  This new feature improves localization of business categories for more than a dozen countries.”

This change is now happening in the Google Places dashboard.

Austin Lund