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Yesterday a tragedy struck the Boston Marathon as bomb explosions decimated the peaceful race.  Hundreds were injured and sent to hospitals all over the Boston area.  Truly, I hope and pray for all of the victims in this Boston Marathon Google to Helpordeal that they might have comfort and that love ones can find one another.

Finding Your Loved Ones

After the earthquake in 2010 that desolated Haiti, Google launched an emergence program that helps people to find one another in disastrous situations.  This was an amazing tool that was also used in Chile, Yushu, and Japan, to reunite many loved ones.

Google has again opened their People Finder page to assist those looking for friends, family, and neighbors or if you have information about someone there.  You can find the website here.  The first page you will come to determines if you are looking for someone or if you have information about someone.  So not only if you are looking for someone but if you have any information about someone from the incident, you can be a hero in this time of crisis.  It is the valor of individuals that spent their time adding name after name of people injured in each hospital and where they can be contacted and found, that has reunited and helped loved ones find each other.

Google Person Finder

Developers of Person Finder

After the earthquake of Haiti in 2010, volunteers from Google got together to develop this program to help everyone they could.  This just goes to show that there is no unless talents in times of tragedy; that when you try your hardest to find a way to help, a way will be provided.

Google has stepped its search in many ways.  To find out how they have help in other places check out the article Google’s online searches move to the next level.

No matter your talent or location you can do good in this world.  Whether you are a web designer working on Google Person Finding, a rescuer, or entering names and locations of the injured, you can be a source of good in times of trials. If every day the forces of evil are trying to drag us down, how can we wait another minute to fight for side of good?

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director