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Since summer 2012 Google Glass has become a buzzword for the tech and gadget communities.  Google had developed a wearable mobile device intended to create a more hands-free approach to mobile connectivity and communication.  That sounds super cool and very space age, but is this new technology just another passing fad or will it be the next iPod?

What does it do?

Quite simply put, Google Glass is a Head Mounted Display or HMD.  Similar in design to your glasses, the digital display appears in front of the wearer’s right eye.  Interaction with the device happens through a touch pad on the frame or via voice

Users will be able to access Google’s search engines, translation applications, Google + Hangout and other social media . It can obtain GPS navigation, record 720p HD video, take pictures, send text and voice messages, and will have the ability to connect to wi-fi or tether to the web through your phone.  Essentially, this is poised to be the greatest hands-free ever invented.

How do I get one?

The Explorer Edition of the device was also sold to developers for a whopping $1,500.  Google also ran an #ifihadglass campaign.  Any consumer interested in getting the Explorer Edition of the device could submit a video with the hashtag and let Google know how they would use the device.  Winners will receive an Explorer Edition and help provide feedback for the projected consumer launch in 2014.

Google promises that the consumer edition to be released next year will have a significantly lower price tag, and they are also working with eyeglass companies to integrate their device with prescription eyewear.

google-glass-is-super-sleekWhy should I care?

Innovative technology like Google Glass and the iPhone have taken our web connected culture to new heights.  With each new development the transfer of information gets faster, and the world seems just a bit smaller.

It is hard to know if Google Glass will change the mobile world as we know it, but one thing is for sure. If Google Glass doesn’t another device will. It’s really only a matter of time.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director