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Google has announced the Chromebook and made a move into a new market by deciding to launch a physical product. If you don’t know what Chromebook is already, imagine a laptop that can’t do anything but get on the internet. Whether the product is a success for Google or not, the fact that this product even exists has profound implications for the future of the internet.

future of the internet

Cloud computing is the term we hear when most people think of the future of the internet. Its the idea that you can run an application from the internet rather than from your computer’s hardware. Its the power of cloud computing that makes the Chromebook possible.

As it is now, when I need to edit a document I can take my pick of several free online applications that are almost as good as Microsoft Word. I listen to music online, watch videos online, and instant message online without running anything outside of my internet browser. Programs like Amazon Cloud Player make it so I can store all of my music online and access my collection from any computer or mobile device.

So when we talk about the future of the internet we can expect more powerful cloud applications as things like the Chromebook and the iPad become more popular. The only things I absolutely have to have a computer for right now are photo and video editing. Yes, there are cloud applications for that, but not nearly powerful enough…yet.

Internet Marketing Solutions are going to be more important too if software developers want to sell any kind of program. Fancy packaging will do you no good if people don’t even have disk drives to install things. Your new favorite photo editing program is likely a google search and click away in the future of the internet.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director