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The browser wars continue: Google Chrome has surpassed Firefox to become the number two world’s most popular internet browser. And who’s in the lead? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

It is clear that Google Chrome’s marketshare had been slowly creeping up on Firefox for a few months now, but can it actually surpass the top browsing giant to gain the number one spot?

In the past, there have been many complaints about Internet Explorer. Many web designers have found that their site will load perfectly on all browsers, except when it comes to Explorer. They have to make specific changes to their site just so it can be compatible with Internet Explorer, which can become quite tedious.

However, regardless of these nuances, Explorer still currently holds approximately 15% more market share than Google Chrome. Internet Explorer’s lack of presence in smartphones and tablets is one significant reason that the Microsoft browser is continually losing ground. The majority of mobile traffic (approximately 62%) has actually gone to Safari, which is the default browser for the iPhone and iPad.

Which internet browser do you prefer and why? Stay posted for updates on the browser wars–we’ll be watching the results closely!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director