Do you remember when all the “cool” websites were done in Flash? Do you remember when all makers of those “cool” websites realized that search engines can’t read Flash websites and therefore no one would ever see their work? Sad day, but that dark era in Flash web design is coming to an end. Google can index flash files.

Google announced that it has been working with Adobe to develop ways to index text in Flash files. They’ve made several improvements on the technology over the past few years and are now to the point where they can index almost any text in an SWF file.

This is great news for Flash lovers. In the past designing a Flash website was forbidden in terms of SEO. Now Google can pickup on keywords and even links embedded in an SWF file.

Google also announced that it has made improvements in indexing JavaScript, including JavaScript used to embed SWF files.

This is pretty significant in terms of search engine optimization for small business and web design but will it be significant enough to change the internet? Will we see a comeback of Flash websites? Will old favorites like start to become popular again now that Google can index Flash? What do you think?