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Google Buys For $1,000,000Google has recently extended it’s reach by purchasing, a site that allows people to search for clothes that have a similar pattern or color.

The website was created by Riya, a company built to create a search engine used to search for similar faces among photos. The company found it difficult to monetize the service, however, so they created to use the same technology for a different purpose. Riya’s CEO, Munjal Shah, noted that “the same technology works well to find similar-looking products.

In effect, Google has acquired a visual search engine for fashionistas. While Google won’t say what it plans to do with the technology, the Google spokesperson dropped hints in this statement:

“While will operate its Websites separately in the near term, we’re excited about the technology they’ve built and the domain expertise they’ll bring to Google as we continue to work on building great e-commerce experiences for our users, advertisers and partners. We’re pleased and excited to welcome to Google, where they’ll work closely with our commerce team.”

Could Google be trying to expand it search? How far away are the days when we can upload a photo of a bird and Google can tell us it’s genus and species, it’s migratory patterns, and it’s mating call? Is this the next step in search? Surely the google boys aren’t going to limit themselves to text. Whatever they plan on doing, it’s going to be a breakthrough.

No official price tag was given, although the experts at Techcruch estimated it to be around USD $1 Million. Not bad, Munjal, not bad.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director