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Recently, in a move considered “about time” for many Google+ users, the social network announced that it will begin using vanity URLs for its users. Up until now, the site currently has a URL structure similar to this one:

With this type of link, a user’s URL is just a series of numbers to the network or other users, however; the new URLs will contain the name of the business or individual or, at least, their username.Google+ and its role in internet marketing solutions

Unfortunately, this feature will only be available first to various well-known businesses and celebrities on the site with verified accounts. Fraudulent accounts are a problem with any social media network and it’s understandable that Google+ would try to ensure the validity of these popular accounts first.

Although some people seem to think that this is too little too late for the social media network, there are many who are excited about the announcement. Additionally, it’s wise not to make too drastic of a comparison between Google+, where users only spend an average of 3 minutes per month on the site, to Twitter or Facebook, where users spend almost 140 times that amount.

What’s important to realize though is that Google+ is not trying to replace Facebook or Twitter in the realm of social media. Google knows that the web is moving toward an ever more interactive social experience and with people’s dependence on its search engine, it’s poising itself for such a transformation.

Even in the short run, however, it’s a good idea not to discount Google plus, especially as it begins to play an ever more important role in SEO, and it will be interesting to watch its progress as it unfolds.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director