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Google Ads

google ads
The great thing about putting an ad up on Google is that you know you’re going to be seen. Google is the number one most visited site on the web and when you create an ad with Google you will get seen on thousands of other websites that use Google Adsense. You will also appear on the side of Google search results. People who see your Google ads will be searching for something and if your ad copy lets them know that you have what they want they will be more likely to click on it.

Facebook Ads

facebook ads
Google lets you target certain areas geographically and lets you target certain search phrases, but it can’t get as specific in its targeting as Facebook can. Facebook ads will let you target specific gender, age groups, interests, even relationship status’. I had a friend who was a wedding piano player and he was able to show his ad to only women in the area ages 19 – 30 who were listed as engaged. The disadvantage of Facebook ads, however, is that people are on Facebook to see what their friends are up to. They aren’t necessarily going to pay as much attention to the ads on the side as a Google searcher will to Google ads.


Both Facebook and Google will let you see very specific feedback on your ads. In Google’s case you can see the location of those who clicked on your ad, the exact search phrase they used, how long they stayed on your site, what pages they looked at, and if they bought anything. With Facebook you can see the demographic of those who clicked on your ads. Both let you test your campaigns on different audiences and tweak your ad copy or your target as you gain new insight.

Social Media

Facebook ads have the potential of people sharing them. If you set up a really great advertising campaign people will want to share it with their friends. You can allow your ads to have the like button on them and if others see that their friends have “liked” your ad then they are more likely to take a look themselves. Google is becoming increasingly more social. You can now “+1” ads to recommend a good find to your friends and others. But as of right now Google is significantly less social with its advertising. That may change in the near future with Google+ however.


The smart thing to do would be to consider your type of business. Are people likely to search for your services in Google or are you a hip new restaurant that would catch people’s attention on Facebook? Are your customers searching for PPC Management Services? Or are they not necessarily searching for you, but are likely to react when they see you as a cool place to hang out with their friends? It might not be a bad idea to run both Facebook ads and Google ads for a time and see what works best for you.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director