Good Blog Commenting

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Ah, yes, blog commenting.

You didn’t know it carried any SEO weight, did you? Well, it does. Essentially it enables people to get their links up on other sites in an organic way that diversifies a website’s link profile. Google likey. However, it has come to my attention that not everyone understands what qualifies as a good blog comment that will help you get a link. (After you’re done reading this article, here are some more valuable tips and things to avoid when blog commenting.)

Let’s say my name is Bob and I sell blenders. I have a website called I really like to blog about all the cool ways to use blenders for cooking, etc. What do you think I would want to see as comments at the bottom of my blog? I’ll give you a hint: I want to see something that has to do with what I posted.

Oh, so you recently used a blender I sold you and loved it? Awesome! No way, you tried that new blender that can actually heat soup for you while its being blended? Superb! Even if you have a problem with a blender I sold you, I would love to help you. But there is no chance I want to see some generic post or a post about something random like skateboarding.

Good Blog Commenting

A Few Bad Examples

So to give you some specifics, we are going to run through a few blog comment techniques to avoid like Ted Bundy.

The Generic Compliment:

“Super good post. I really like your writing style.”

This tells me you found a site with commentluv enabled and got so excited that you peed your pants and scrolled all the way to the bottom to comment without reading anything. Make your comments sincere or at the very least read a portion of the post and comment on it. Take some time and say something beneficial.

The Outsourced:

“I thinking your post is amazed. It forced me to feel very good. Here is my website:”

I may or may not be referencing an actual comment I saw once while moderating comments that come in to Big Leap’s site. I have nothing against someone learning English posting on a blog, but this is clearly someone out of the country who has been hired to write blog comments for a company. Not cool. And it really decreases the value of the commenter’s website.

The Spammer

“buy cialis online ho comprato cialis online – cheap generic cialis online” (Some genius recently tried to get this link up on Leadgenix, but we swiftly sent it to spam.)

First of all, I hate spam. Second of all, who on earth wants to put a Cialis link on their website?? Shiver. I really don’t think I need to say more on the subject.

To Conclude

So, to conclude, make your blog comments intelligible and thoughtful. Read the post you are commenting on. Take time to think of something that will be beneficial to the owner whose website you are trying to place a link. The owners will love you for it and will probably welcome even more of your links over time. I can’t tell you how many comments I have seen that fit right under the three categories listed above. They get rejected almost every time. Do your search engine optimization efforts a favor and don’t post blog comments that suck.


photo credit: Will Lion via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director