Who hasn’t seen David After the Dentist, Charlie Bit My Finger or Susan Boyle’s appearance on Britians Got Talent?  Online videos have exploded online over the past few years through sites like Youtube.

Viral is a term that is used to describe videos that have spread online like a rampant disease.  In fact some of these videos have been viewed over a hundred million times.

Now wouldn’t it be great if your companies name was attached to one of these videos?  Its hard to predict which videos will go viral, but there are some patterns that we can study.


One of the most common factors of videos that have gone viral is humor.  People love to laugh and share things with other people that make them laugh.  Also, what would be better than to have people associate your company with something that makes them smile.

Messin’ With Sasquatch is a series of comercials that have gone viral online.  Jack Links at least doubled their total viewership by posting these videos online.


Along with laughing people love to get surprised.  A video that gets people excited by surprising them is also a great way to spread your video.  A few months ago there was an episode of  Russia’s Got Talent that quickly got spread across the web.  Sill nobody knows what happened, was it real or fake?  I suspect however that it was clever product placement of an energy drink.

These are just 2 of several ways to get a your video to go viral online.  Check back next week for a few more suggestions.