One of the perks of working in digital marketing is that there are so many different social media platforms to explore and use to connect companies with customers. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, I’m always surprised by how many businesses ignore a key component of their marketing strategy—their employees.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. People on social media want to hear from other people, not corporations. Encouraging your employees to share, retweet, and even repin your company’s content can really help bolster your brand. Not only can employees boost brand awareness and share insights, but they can also answer questions and improve customer service. More importantly, employees who share company content signal to their networks that you’re a brand to trust.

Taking time to build a strong company culture where employees are encouraged to share appropriate company mentions in a positive way can do a lot to strengthen a company’s brand.

Here’s a look at how employees can boost your brand on these five social media platforms.


With an average of 864 million daily active users, Facebook is one of the top social platforms to share, connect, and engage with people. Many businesses have seen positive growth in their marketing strategies through Facebook. 47% of Americans say that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing decisions than any other social network.

One way businesses can get their brand name out there is to encourage employees to share content on their own social media channels. Facebook will serve your post to a far greater number of people if it gets good engagement. At Big Leap, because of employee “likes” and “shares,” one of our recent posts reached 1900%+ more people than our average post, which lead to a surge in website traffic.


Probably my favorite platform, Twitter is another awesome site to connect with people. I once heard Twitter described as hanging out around the company water cooler. Makes sense, since so many people are engaging on Twitter, but how do you build a Twitter following?

It’s important for companies to be active on Twitter, but employee engagement can also drive a company’s following. Big Leap’s Twitter account gets an average of 1-3 people engaging with each tweet (favoring, retweeting, etc.), but when an employee retweets something (especially an article they’ve written for the company blog), the tweet gets far more engagement.

A huge part of social media is building connections through interaction so don’t be afraid to let people know you liked their article and share it with your network. A word of caution—when engaging on Twitter, don’t retweet or tweet something 20 times in a row. You’ll likely annoy (and even lose) some of your followers in the process.


This social media platform is usually overlooked, unless you’re looking for a new job, but LinkedIn has great tools to help you connect with others and network with other professionals.

One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is the groups. By joining in the conversation in LinkedIn groups, and encouraging your employees to participate, you can connect with others in your field and share ideas. With so many people chatting and asking questions, this is your chance to share your expertise, tips, and learn something new about what is going on in the industry.

I’ve connected with some wonderful professionals and mentors through networking on LinkedIn and building relationships.


Who doesn’t love pictures? Pinterest is a smart way to share images and infographics that link back to your company blog or website. When creating your company’s Pinterest page, take time to categorize your boards into specific products or services. Lowe’s has an awesome Pinterest page.

Contests are another popular part of Pinterest. Promote your brand by holding contests by asking people to share your pins. Did you know Pinterest users spend 84% of their time repinning? That can be some major marketing for your business if done right. Get your employees on board by encouraging them to repin your posts, along with other relevant industry content.


There are many different options surrounding Google+, and personally, this is a platform you should decide for yourself if it is worth your time and effort. You’ll likely have a hard time finding any employees who use the platform.

What is worth your time? Verify your business listing on Google and make sure your company’s contact information is correct. It’s also important to claim your listings, in order to protect your company reputation and prevent another from claiming it and posting the wrong information.
Every company should have an engaging and active social media presence. Take your social strategy to the next level by involving your employees too.

Photo by mkhmarketing / CC BY

Danielle Schwager