Google News

Google has redesigned its news homepage to make the news that their readers see more relevant, interesting, and shareable. Here are the new and improved benefits that the Google news homepage offers:

  • A new feature called “News for you” where you can edit your personal interests. In this feature you’ll find a “Edit personalization” box where you can specify what your news preferences are. You can also choose to view the stories by Section view or List view, and reveal more headlines by hovering over the headline with your mouse.
  • The “News Settings” feature. This feature will rank your Google News search results and story clusters according to the relevance that you specify according to your interests.
  • More prominent display of Spotlight section . You will be able to see more easily news and stories that have a more lasting interest than breaking news. Also, local weather and headlines are highlighted according to your location.
  • A social media menu. Now you can share your favorite stories or headlines by accessing a drop-down menu that gives you the option to share those stories with others through Facebook, twitter, Buzz, and Reader.