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You can tell a lot about a person by what they type into search engines. And working in PPC management services, I can see exactly what people have typed in before clicking on our ads. Some of these searches are, well . . . strange? disturbing? weird and creepy? Whatever you want to call them, they are definitely entertaining.

Funny Google Search Terms

Google - the window to the human mind

Inspired by Jessica Rooney’s “WTQ” posts on, here are the funniest/most unexpected Google search queries that I have seen recently (along with the client’s industry):

Maid Service


  • “sissy husband list” (possible new ad copy: “Replace Your Sissy Husband With A Maid!”)
  • “maids in orange that wear bikinis” (a little specific, not sure they found what they were looking for)

Tax Lawyer

  • “pictures of people who have IRS tax problems” (Google returned pictures of every U.S. citizen)

Spa In Dubai

  • “massaging girls mobile number in dubai” (is Googling really the best way to get a girl’s number nowadays?)
  • “Face have some holes” (I’m truly sorry for you)

Racing School

  • “Potty races”
  • “Race car driving for 13 year olds in Kansas” (Clear the roads!)
  • “motocrossnationalsracinglakewoodcolorado” (Next search: “myspacebarisbroken!”)
  • “what is the name of a mini racing motorcycle that is for kids 9 to12 and gos 80mph” (I can’t remember if it’s called “The Death Machine” or “The Kid Killer”)

Plastic Surgeon

  • “I need a breast lift” (Admitting is the first step)
  • “Make up geek tummy tuck” (???)
  • “Breast augmentation gone wrong” (some sick horror movie?)
  • “should I get breast augmentation?” (Um, that’s a question for your boyfriend, not for Google)

Lawyer In Utah

  • “dog biting lawyers” (new promotion idea, Lawyer Client?)
  • “Non Mormon car accident lawyers in Utah”
  • “Road rage lawyers” (Uh-oh, can you get sued for road rage now?)

Book Writing Software

  • “Hoe to write a childrens book”
  • “I am writing a series of children’s books” (Google is proud of you, but are you looking for something in particular?)
  • “writing childrens boks and finding an illustrater” (for the sake of the children and their spelling – please find a new career)
  • “make your own sooper hiro story” (ditto)
  • “publishinbooksforchildrensfromsanantoniotexas” (anti-space bar person is back!)
  • “booklet making software with crack”
  • “hitt learnenglish kids britishcouncil org en make your own story maker” (don’t ask me)

What funny search terms have you seen (or typed)? Share them in the comments below!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director