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When I tell people that I do social media for clients, they usually stare at me and say, “so…you’re on Facebook and Twitter all day then?”. After a couple of minutes I usually have most people convinced that Facebook and Twitter are not the only two parts of social media. Social media is any interaction from the business DIRECTLY to the customer, and vice versa, on the internet. Sites like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Angie’s List, Hubpages, etc… are all vital parts of a business’s social media presence. One new up-and-coming contender for a starting spot on the social media lineup is foursquare.

FourSquare has a few unique aspects that make it different from Twitter, the main one being location based “tips”, which are essentially tweets. Users can go to sponsored locations across the country and using their phone check in and show everyone where they’ve been. If they check in enough at a certain place they become the “mayor” of that check in location and could possibly receive special offers from participating businesses.

So how can foursquare help your business? First, add your business to an increasingly large list of companies on foursquare. Give away things or offer incentives to customers if they are a mayor of your business. This drives traffic time and time again to your company and lets you gain some very loyal customers.

FourSquare lets you drop tips about places that you’ve checked into lately. This lets your customers spread the good word and let their friends know that your business is the best. There are countless ways through which foursquare can help you

Check out FourSquare and see if your social media starting five needs a new point guard.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director