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Foursquare Mayor BadgeYou might have heard the new social media buzzword that’s going around called Foursquare, but have you taken the time to figure out how great it would be for your business to have a real Foursquare Business Model?

Foursquare is helping physical location companies across the world gain new customers, steal customers from competitors, and create incentives for loyalty to your company.

Today we’ll be making up a fake restaurant to highlight just a few of the strategies that you should take to get more and better business.

Our restaurant will be called Big Leap Pizza, which I’m almost positive does not exist. This wonderful pizza company is a local company with great food, but has some big name pizza companies that it has to compete with. Big Leap Pizza starts to use Foursquare to distinguish itself from the competition.

First off, since Foursquare is location based social media, people must come to you in order to use the service. That is already a huge advantage, from the very start people are coming through your doors. Make sure that they have a reason to keep on coming back through those same doors and not your competitor’s.Foursquare local badge

Have incentives for your mayor. Big Leap Pizza is offering their mayor half off one pizza every day as long as they are the mayor. The mayor will keep coming back for more and probably bring friends. This incentive is also good enough that you can bet that a few other people are going to be dropping by more often to steal away that coveted mayor position.

Leadgenix Pizza also offers for their customers a $3 coupon every 5 check ins. These loyal customers are going to come back on a weekly (or even daily) basis just to get a few bucks off their next pizza.

Shout out deals every so often to give people an incentive to walk away from your close competitors and tryout your wonderful Big Leap Pizza.

These are just a few things that you can do to make sure that your company has a valid Foursquare business model that will separate you from your competition. It’s a great service that you should start using today. If you have questions about leverage social media marketing, check out our Big Leap homepage.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director