For Some, ReverbNation Rules

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Every musician trying to gain followers has to have something they can show people, something people can instantly hear. Creating a website can be time-consuming, expensive, or just make you absolutely frustrated.

It’s hard for bands to get their name out there when it’s so easy to start a band and start playing local places. Which social media platform should you use? How much should you push your page?

That’s where the beauty of ReverbNation comes in.

A Great Resource

RN makes it so easy to create a page, upload a picture, throw on some songs, put extras in there to make the site look full, and promote it to everyone everywhere. It even provides a stream of upcoming contests and gigs that bands can look into. ReverbNation logo.

Want to sell music online? ReverbNation is the easiest way to get songs uploaded and out there on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a lot more places.

The band pages look professional and, if filled out properly, can look really good. A group can get by for a while with only using their ReverbNation page.

How To Get Fans

So how do you get people to hear and like your stuff? First and foremost, your music has to be pretty good.

There shouldn’t be half-finished, mistake-laden, bad-sounding songs crowding up your page. In other words, don’t throw mud at people and expect them to like it.

One way is to promote it using the ads built into ReverbNation and Facebook. These offer quality exposure and not advertising on one of these is one of the biggest social media mistakes in marketing.

Another way is to bring CD’s to concerts that you perform at and give them out for free. They only need to have two or three songs on there, but you can put your info (contact info as well as RN web address) right there on the CD so people have it in the future.

A third way is to reach out to people that have similar musical styles (these people can be easily found through a search on ReverbNation) and find out when and where they are playing and try and meet up with them. If you can play with similar bands, you can share similar fans.

Show Off

Once you have your “home base” set up, make sure to tell everyone you know about it. Make the site address easy to get to and catchy so people won’t forget.

People are always looking for new music. And ReverbNation is a key tool to get your music out there in the hands of those searching people.

Jump on board, get fans, advertise, spread the love. And most of all, have fun.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director