The first of April always brings with it a bevy of brilliant blurbs from businesses across the globe making bogus announcements about their brands.  These corporate capers crowd the internet and can create confusion, but companies continue to connect to their customers with this curious trend.  Here are some hilarious highlights from this year’s hottest hoaxes.


Get breath that sizzles with Scope’s new bacon flavored mouthwash.  This slightly sickening scheme was the first to catch my attention as the company began rolling out a series of silly commercials over the weekend prior to April 1st.  Sad to say, this savory shenanigan is simply a stunt.


This time-honored treasure has been at the top of the social media tower since its tenacious take off in 2005 and was recently titled the second largest search engine. A terrifying transmission threatened to topple this video tycoon with an announcement that YouTube would be taken down and a team of thirty-thousand technicians would take all the videos and tell us which video tops them all.



Google gets us every year.  This year they garnered a giggle or two with a gang of gags. Give Google Nose a go and gain a greater Google experience.  Gmail Blue goes gradient with a guise geared at the gullible.  Got Gold? Gather a group or go solo as Google’s global imager grabs our gaze with the Google Maps Treasure view.

medium_2356455168The White House

Even the White House wins with a wisecrack.  Viewers wanting to watch our President were witness instead to a wonderfully witty welcome by Kid President from SoulPancake.


April fools for business is all about amusing antics and absurd ads that artfully obtain the approval of your audience.  Let the laughs lend levity and lead to a longer life for your small business.


Photo Credit: I Believe I Can Fry, dullhunk, Rego –, J Sonder,  via photopin