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How would you feel if I told you that 70% of your followers couldn’t care less about you or your business? And that’s only on one of your platforms. People and businesses who are seeking to increase their fan base are normally finding success, but this problem of “quality v. quantity” in followers has become as common as the beige Toyota Camry.

Not So Social Media

While people everywhere are using social media for different personal reasons, businesses have unfortunately forgotten the true meaning of the word “social.” Far too many companies approach a platform simply because there is a huge potential to reach people.

Let’s not forget the reason all of these people are using social media; to socialize! So if over 1.2 billion people are using Facebook, why are companies ignoring almost 70% of them? Sure, you may not be able to meet & greet each and every follower of yours, but you can respond to their comments and favorite their tweets from time to time.

 The Cream of the Crop

Increasing followers and decreasing who you follow seems to be the trend these days. The craze to develop your TFFR (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio) might actually be more damaging than you’d expect.

If your followers are not actually part of your target audience, then much of your time and money can be wasted with every post, share, and retweet. Thankfully, new programs and apps are being developed daily to generate data that will allow companies to find the people they want. Don’t get lost in the TFFR crowd. Remember, you’re seeking quality, not quantity.

The following are a few suggested tools that will help you find the cream of your crop:


social media strategy

 The Last Laugh

As you develop your social media presence, be sure that you have a strategy first. Don’t simply post or tweet because “everybody is doing it.” If you maintain a clear strategy, your presence will be stronger, and your interaction with fans and friends will be more significant. If you can remember and implement these last tips, your social media accounts will work for your benefit.

  • Use creative hashtags
  • Be part of the conversation about your company’s industry
  • Maintain your brand image, but express its personality!
  • Interact and respond in a timely manner
  • Say thanks to anyone who shares your content
Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director