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The iPhone 5 launch has been one of the most anticipated devices of the 21st Century. Many faithful iPhone fans anxiously awaited the release of the rumored iPhone 5 back in early October of 2011. With mixed feelings, they accepted a slightly better version of the then-current iPhone 4. The iPhone 4s sacrificed a little weight and battery life for better web browsing, a better camera, an HD screen, and larger memory.

The iPhone 5 Launch has Arrived

The long-awaited launch of the iPhone 5 is going on today. Right now. At this very moment. So far, we have learned that the new iPhone will be 18% thinner than its predecessor, weigh in at 112 grams (compared to the 140 gram iPhone 4s), and sport a 4 inch screen with a 16×9 aspect ratio (perfect for watching movies).

Apple iPhone 5 Launch Site

Good news for gamers and media-lovers, the iPhone 5 contains the A6 processor, which Apple reports will double CPU and graphics processing speeds. Apple offered a short demonstration of EA’s Real Racing 3 and, in my personal opinion, the graphics look fantastic.

For More Information

Since the iPhone 5 launch is going on right now, that’s all the information we have at the time of this posting. To keep up on the latest iPhone 5 news (while pretending to work at your desk), you can follow the iPhone 5 Live Blog or the iPhone 5 Live Blog for the latest information on Apple’s newest device.

Also, I recommend having Alt+Tab ready for when your boss comes around.

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