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It’s come to my attention that most people who hire an SEO company have had some kind of poor experience which has turned them away from the idea of SEO entirely. This is a sad fact, particularly because any and every business needs online optimization considering the past and the future of Google and their meteoric rise. Soon, if you aren’t on Google’s radar you might not be on anyone’s.

I would guess that most, if not all, of the people who hired an SEO company and had a bad experience were doing so for the first time; that is, they had never worked with an SEO company before. It is important to do a thorough background check of any company you might be considering. You are handing over the keys to the house, as it were, and you need to make sure whoever you choose is not only trustworthy but effective.

ROI is Never Guaranteed

Find a Good SEO for your company.

It is ridiculously difficult to measure the ROI of hiring an online marketing company. Often times you might get the words “we guarantee” or “we promise to¬†deliver” as a ploy to make you feel comfortable with giving them your money. Never fall for this. There is never a “guarantee” button they can hit that will give you back an amazing ROI.

Why? Well because there are more factors than just building links and making your website look pretty. First of all, many people who hire SEO companies don’t always listen to advice that is given to them to increase their online presence. This is the client’s fault. SEO companies cannot force their clients to take their advice. Second, with Google’s snakelike algorithm (meaning it’s always slithering and changing) it is difficult to nail down a fail safe strategy.

So what are the buzzwords you should listen for when hiring a company? Well, truth be told, hearing the words “we promise” isn’t always a bad thing when said in the right context. The companies who are useful are those who might say, “We promise to do everything we can in terms of legitimate link building.” This tells you they understand the changing nature of SEO and that they are honest. They understand there is a right way and a wrong way to build links and increase your online relevance.

Find Ways To Measure Future Success

A good way to know where a company will take you is by looking at where they have taken other companies. Request to see some of the clients they have worked on in the past and even take a peak at who they are currently optimizing. Are you looking to shoot up the Google rankings? See what they did to help others do so. Do you just need a new website? Judge for yourself whether or not you like their work.

A company who does legitimate work will never shy away from sharing it with you. Leadgenix, for example, has made it a point to share many of our past clients right on our “Work” page. Anyone can look at what we have done and can even read several case studies written by our team leads.

Don’t be shy. It’s your money and success that is on the line.

Hire a Company that Understands People

A Good SEO is Hard to Find

What? A company that understands people? Preposterous, you say. Well, not really.

A lot of SEO companies you talk to will try to impress you by using lots of Internet marketing words. They will talk keywords, meta description, and alt tags, but will never talk about your business. Hire someone who cares about your business’ success.

These companies will always make themselves available for you when you need them. They will answer your questions in a way you can understand. And they will always communicate to you what they are doing. Perhaps they thought of a very creative, effective way to optimize your site with Google and also make it more user friendly. That is something that will benefit you highly. But they need to understand it is your business and everything runs through you.

Also, make sure you are on the same page. Ask them to send you monthly reports. Ask for access to the Analytics pages. Like I said before, if they are any good they won’t mind showing you what they are up to.

It’s Your Decision To Make

Ultimately, it should be you who makes the decision on who you hire. It is smart to take advice from friends and colleagues, but you should not let them make the decision for you. Pick who works best for you. Maybe the most important thing to you is getting a lot of bang for buck. Maybe you don’t mind spending if the work is high quality. Maybe you need someone who has a contact that is easy to work with and understands you. Remember, it’s your company and you shouldn’t pick your SEO based on someone else’s values.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to check out Big Leap’s website. You can check out a lot of the work we have done for clients and you are welcome to contact our team leads if you have additional questions. Overall, we are a valuable SEO partner that wants to help your business find solutions to its problems.

If you have any more tips for other readers, let us know in the comments below.


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Jamie Bates
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