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Today marked yet another f8 Conference, an annual Facebook f8 Conferencedeveloper conference hosted in San Francisco by Facebook, social media marketing company giant. The purpose of this conference is to bring together techies who are currently building the social web. Although this event is geared toward all social networking efforts, it is also known as the place where Facebook announces their newest features to the public.

Conference Intro

The conference started off with Andy Samberg from SNL doing an impersonation of Mark Zuckerberg. It started out funny, but then got somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable when the actual Mark Zuckerberg showed up and tested out his comedic skills. Let’s just say he’s meant to develop software, not entertain crowds. I don’t know if this was the best segue into the keynote speech, but then again, Zuckerberg’s t-shirt and tennis shoes weren’t very impressive either.

However, Einstein’s brilliance was not necessarily manifest in his appearance either, so at least we should thank Zuckerberg for combing his hair. Zuckerberg then began his f8 Conference keynote speech, and introduced this year’s newest feature: that of “Timeline,” the newest revision of the Facebook profile.

Timeline Introduced

This profile is much more visual, and is a way for people to record their whole lives in one place. With this new update, there is no longer some kind of “black hole” when you get to the bottom Facebook f8 Conferenceof your Facebook wall. You will no longer have to look through the virtual archives or your life by clicking the “more publications” button at the bottom of the screen over and over again. Instead, there is a sidebar for easy access to years, and the entire wall becomes a conglomeration of pictures, app activity, and latest stories.

Of course, the first glimpse is the most intimidating to a seasoned Facebook user (not such as myself). In the past, people have complained about the new layout of everything from the Facebook home page to the ways you can organize your friends. This being said, from the looks of the new profile, users will have to get accustomed to logging into what looks like a virtual scrapbook instead of a quick news-feed type infrastructure.

Story of Your Life?

There is much more to be said, but who can summarize someone’s whole keynote presentation in a blog post? It’s as difficult as summarizing a person’s life by means of a virtual profile. Although Mark Zuckerberg believes Timeline is “the story of your life,” I think it is impossible to capture every aspect of an individual’s life experience simply by putting it online. But I could be wrong—who knows what we’ll hear at the next f8 Conference?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director