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We’ve written before about the many tools Facebook offers, from audience insights to unnervingly specific targeting options. Today though, we’re writing about something that hasn’t been released to the general public yet – video ads.

Facebook Video Ads

Ever since I started working for Big Leap I have fallen in love with Facebook ads. Vastly different from more traditional advertising, you have nearly complete control over how sees your ads. And with so many different types of ads you can be as creative as you want. That being said, however, I have eagerly been looking forward to video ads.

Facebook Video AdIn March Facebook announced through a blog post that 15-second ads will begin to appear “over the next few months. These ads will have an auto-play feature, but will not have sound unless they are clicked on.  Presumably, advertisers will have the same targeting options that they do with traditional Facebook ads which means the video ads you see will be relevant to you (if set up correctly).

Why Video Ads?

Although these ads are not available to the general public yet, I’m excited for when they are more widespread. Why am I excited, you might ask? One reason is because videos offer a level of engagement and interaction that is unparalleled.  The importance of a striking visual is so well documented that all I will say is this: images are crucial to an ad’s success. If a stationary picture has so much impact, a moving picture (i.e. video) surely has the potential to be immensely successful. With current Facebook ads the best you can do is have several different ads with several different images running simultaneously, but you are still limited to one image per ad per viewing. Video ads offer the opportunity to showcase your product in way that a simple image never can. You have 15 seconds to give your product or service the spotlight it deserves

What if I’m Not Interested?

Not everyone will care to watch video ads and Facebook has taken this into account. Facebook is increasingly trying to understand you, what you like and what you dislike. In fact, recent changes to Facebook’s News Feed were made with videos specifically in mind. If you’re not the kind of user who regularly watches videos on Facebook (or at least clicks play and watches parts of it), then you won’t see as many video ads as people who regularly watch videos. They will also take note of likes, comments, and shares. If you don’t like videos, you don’t have to see them!

What Happens Now

Now, we wait. Oh joy! Facebook has promised us video ads, and they will provide. In the meantime companies should continue to work with the available social media tools and do their best to increase their online presence and understand their target audience.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director