Facebook Timeline Updates

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Much to the chagrin (that’s right, I said “chagrin”)  of, well, 800 million people across the globe, Facebook has made quite a few updates to its page layout since it was first launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg and Friends.

They have been very busy bees trying to keep the future of Facebook marketing ahead of its competitors. However, every time the layout changes, cries of disdain and misery flow from the mouths of Facebook users, and the most recent update, Timeline, hasn’t been a new story; it has received no special treatment, and has managed to spawn an uprising of unhappy Facebookers. (Not to mention a lot of angry Facebook groups such as “I Hate Timeline” which has over 48,000 likes.)

Facebook Timeline
The new update will give Facebook a cleaner look.

Please react with caution as you read the next few paragraphs:

Facebook Timeline Update

Facebook may or may not be about to make an update to your profile page. The social media behemoth is testing a new format (a Timeline variation) which will move all status updates to the left side of the screen, while activity updates, friends, places, apps and everything else is on the right.

The new format presents a lot of advantages for users. One of the biggest complaints about Timeline is how updates are all over the screen and how users are required to bounce back and forth to read statuses. (Does anyone else get a headache doing that?)

It also sounds like the modules/bubbles/whatever you want to call them will also be smaller on the right hand side of the screen, leaving a lot of empty space which used to be cluttered. This could be in response to new social networking sites cleaning up their pages and giving them a fresh, contemporary, clean look.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Honestly, those who normally whine over the inevitable changes by the Internet mogul should be quite pleased with the new update. It makes Timeline less Timeline-y and brings us back to a profile page reminiscent of the old Facebook–just not so 2004.

Facebook is currently testing the new Timeline on a small number of users across the globe and is no doubt waiting with high hopes that people might finally like an update they incite.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director