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After the initial announcement of Facebook’s new feature “Timeline” at Facebook’s f8 conference, in early September, users have been waiting when their profile pages will yet again be restructured. This rollout is starting in New Zealand, and will supposedly be an option for the U.S. very soon.

User Reactions

Facebook TimelineWhile Mark Zuckerberg believes that this online virtual scrapbook will become “the story of your life,” there have been many mixed reactions from users. There are those who easily see the benefits of the new Facebook Timeline because of its ability to focus on a user’s entire life, not just the here and now. On the other hand, many Facebookers have become frustrated with the continual changes of their profiles, not to mention that they do not feel comfortable with sharing so much information. They also see this update as a way for the company to gain even more access to details of their personal lives, especially given the Facebook privacy issues of the past.

Your Personal Timeline

Regardless of your opinion about the new change, what should you do when you enable these new Timeline features? The first part is simple. Facebook Timeline is designed to be a visually-appealing documentary of your life. Therefore, photos, photos, photos! You are now able to create not only a profile picture,Facebook Timeline but also a larger background image. Next, work on inserting life events. The day you were born, the day you graduated, the day you were married—all of these big events can be added to your Timeline.

In addition, don’t forget to customize your page with apps, news stories, and more. You can even add the places you have traveled globally, and of course various options that were available previously, such as your current employment, universities where you have studied, and languages you know. This Timeline is all about you, so get as personal or un-personal as you want—but either way, be creative!

The “Near Future”

Facebook noted yesterday that this global rollout will reach other regions in the “near future.” There have already been reports of this feature being enabled in parts of Canada, the Netherlands, and even parts of Israel and India. So let us know when your Timeline is enabled! And if so, will you use this social media marketing upgrade?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director