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Did you know that more than a billion searches happen each day on Facebook and that is without even trying? While Facebook is not technically a search engine Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that eventually, that day will arrive. He followed up that statement by saying that the Facebook Search Engine won’t be like other search engines.

Face Book Search Engine, When is it coming?The main goal of a search engine is to provide helpful information and to provide answers to questions. Traditional search engines are designed to look at a particular keyword or phrase and produce a list of things or sites that it finds relevant. These results are based on their magical algorithm. These traditional search engines are constantly changing and updating their algorithms in an attempt to provide the best answer / most relevant information possible.

So, if the purpose of a search engine is to give answers to questions, then a Facebook Search Engine would have a unique advantage over the other traditional search engines. A Facebook Search engine would be able to give a more individual answer based on the users connections, in order to help find answers to specific questions. Some of these questions may include things like:

  • What is the best local restaurant in your area?
  • what are some upcoming events that you may be interested in?

Facebook would be able to use information from the users own profile and the profile of users connections to come up with a unique list that would be more likely to produce a higher quality more relevant answer.

Zuckerberg commented that these types of searches could potentially be done on Facebook, but that it hasn’t been built out yet. He went on to say that they have a team that is dedicated to working on search and at some point they will create a Facebook Search Engine.

Google + takes on FacebookFor now, instead of going after their own search engine, Facebook has aided Bing and made Bing a close partner. Facebook is allowing Bing to tap into their social data while they have locked out Google (which makes you wonder how much Facebook liked the fact that Google was trying to compete with them through Google +).

With a new Facebook Search Engine business will need to ensure that they have a proper Social Media plan in place or they may be left in the dark.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director