Facebook Scams: Dislike

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Before I actually start writing the blog post, I want to tell you that there is this new cool app on Facebook that you can download which allows you to add a “dislike” button. It’s super fun and now rather than having to write in a comment to voice your dislike you can just sum it all up in one click. It’s finally come! Can you believe it??

Well, you shouldn’t.

Bless your dear heart, but if you fell for that then you should be eternally grateful that you are reading this post right now. With now more than 1 billion members, Facebook is becoming a breeding ground for scams. Facebook scams generally fall under three categories:

1) Free offers                                                          

2) Scandalous (exclusive) news

3) Facebook account and service changes

Need Some Examples?

Maybe now you’re remember that advertisement which popped up telling you Facebook would send you a free iPad if you completed a survey–which just so happened to include giving out all your personal information. Scammed.
Facebook scamWorse yet, you probably just thought back to that embarrassing moment when you saw a link that would take you to a site with a ton of scandalous stories about celebrities: Miley Cyrus sex tapes, Obama smoking a doobie, and (did you hear?) LeBron James punched out his coach. Then you filled out all the information and got a video that didn’t play. Noice. (And c’mon Miley, that’s just gross).

Or you came across something similar to the “dislike” button I introduced you to. Don’t take it personally. But your face was priceless. You were all :O. 

Watch Your Back, Jack

Scammers work hard (is work the right verb) to make their scams to legitimate. Some of
them even pop up in the Facebook search engine. Here are a few more tips when it comes to spotting scams:

1) Any news that appears in your timeline rather at the top of the page

2) An app that lets you know how many people have looked at your profile

3) An app to change the color of your timeline (FACEBOOK IS PINK??)

4) A tool to remove Timeline.

5) Alert saying that Facebook will begin charging for its services

Be A Hero, Fight Crime

Fortunately, there are a few tools you can employ to help in the fight against Facebook crime. Snopes.com is a great hub for internet scam details and HoaxSlayer, which got its start exposing email scams, is an authoritative source for uncovering social media hacks.

Try them. Don’t be beaten by social media scamatics.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director