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Facebook PageHave you ever wondered which would be more beneficial for your business? A Facebook page or a Facebook group?

Obviously there is a purpose for both and benefits to both, but I would recommend the Facebook Page for your business. It is better for your business. Let’s discuss why.

First off, when I think of Facebook groups, I immediately think: “James and Jill are getting hitched! Come celebrate!” This is basically an announcement. Even if these were my best friends, I am going to look at this group only a few times so that I get the info I need and then when the wedding is over I will probably never look at it again.

Facebook Pages on the other side, keep long-term fans rather than the quick short-term fans that Facebook groups receive. Every business wants long-term, loyal customers, not fleeting uninterested guests. T

Unlike Groups, Pages also are visible to unregistered people. Therefore pages are indexed and easier to find, which is exactly what you are looking for with any business and especially with SEO. This helps people to find you and it is beneficial to your reputation management.

You can start discussions on both a page and a group, but you can optimize your discussions a whole lot more with a page with all the extra applications and resources available to a page owner. Such applications include making polls and quizzes for your fan page or other like things to get your fans involved.

Both a page and a group can invite members and message to members. But another unique thing to a Facebook page is that it tells you insights bout your fans, which a group cannot and does not give you about its members.

In short: a Facebook Page is where it is at. If you are doing social media for your business, then you better have a Facebook page!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director