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Social media is a tricky thing that everyone wants to be good at. Many people think that you can just jump on, create a page, and BAM! Your business is viral! But… That’s not the case.


Have you ever been on your companies Facebook page and wanted to know what kind of traction it is receiving? Or how many people your posts are reaching? Well, the answer to this is simple: Facebook Page Insights.

Facebook has gone ahead and made finding this information very convenient for all pages. Usually located right in the middle of your Facebook page, above your cover photo, you will see an “Insights” link. Within there you will be amazed what information you can find.

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What will you find?

Things that you will find within insights are as follows: Page likes increase, week to week; How many people your posts are reaching; How many people are getting engaged on your page; How many people your posts are reaching, and how many people engaged with them; and much more. You can even expand that to see all of your posts.  It will even show you what time of the day your fans are typically on Facebook.

So What?

So the question we often ask is, “So what?” If you are asking yourself that question, think about this. If your Facebook page has 1000 followers and 700 of them are on Facebook at 6 PM, would you post something at 10 AM? You most definitely can, but will that bring you the most traction to you page? Probably not.

Another example is with the type of post. If you notice that a picture is getting more clicks than, say, just a URL, or text, wouldn’t you take that and implement that into your strategy? The key is to look at these numbers and plan accordingly, whether that is scheduling your posts or focusing more on photos than just text.  By doing so you are much more likely to get interaction on your page.

Take advantage of Insights

So in all, you have to plan your strategy, see what is happening in your industry and with your competitors, and most importantly, look at your insights and take advantage of the information that Facebook is freely giving you. This information can offer some very interesting things, and can be a great benefit to you if used correctly.


photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director