Facebook is now the second most popular video sharing platform.Facebook isn’t often times thought of as a video sharing platform, but apparently that’s a big part of it’s social media evolution. A recent report by comScore shows that Facebook is now second only to the video behemoth, Youtube.

The second spot had long been held by the Yahoo network. While Yahoo still holds the lead with total videos watched, Facebook now has more total unique viewers. Of course neither one comes anywhere close the viewing numbers that Google gets across its spectrum of networks.

Why Is Facebook So Popular With Videos?

I don’t think that Facebook’s video service is any better than anyone else, and in all actually I’ve had my share of complaints with it since it launched. What they get right is that viewing videos on Facebook has become so very convenient.

A lot of people are already on Facebook every day and their newsfeed acts almost as a curator to find the videos that either they or their friends care about. Even youtube makes it incredibly easy to share a video directly to Facebook (it only takes 2 clicks).

Facebook, by the very nature of the social hub it has become, was destined to supplant yahoo for video sharing semi-supremacy.

Where Does Facebook Go from Here?

Video sharing has propelled Facebook into second place for that market share.So how does Facebook continue to increase its video market share? One idea is to create a separate news feed dedicated only to videos.

Friends could post videos freely to their ‘video feed’ without fear of clogging up the traditional news feeds of all their friends. These could be either personal videos of themselves or just random finds from around the web.

I realize that Facebook already has a way to view all the photos/videos that your friends have posted recently, but it isn’t a heavily promoted feature. Put that functionality in the spotlight and see how much traffic you can really get for your videos.

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Scott Sundblom