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Ten days after being released, Facebook Home has now been downloaded by 500,000 Android users. Half a million sounds like a lot, but remember, Facebook has over a billion users and Android itself has about half a billion users. That means that only .001% of potential users are using Facebook Home.

So, what do people think of Facebook Home? Surprisingly, most of the reviews have been quite negative. Just over 11,000 people have left reviews with the average rating only being 2.2 stars out of 5 and over 6,000 only gave it one star.small__8635330174

Some complained that it wasn’t as user-friendly as they thought it would be and that it limits their phone’s capabilities. Many complained that it drained their phone batteries extremely fast. Others didn’t feel the need to have their entire phone organized around what was happening on Facebook.

Most of the people who did like it seemed to think that it was off to a good start, but there is room for improvement. Those who like it also seem to be individuals who enjoy being on Facebook frequently and knowing what their friends are up to.

Currently Facebook Home is only available for seven Android devices so there is still a lot of room for improvement. As more devices adopt Facebook Home and more individuals begin using it, we will get a better idea of how good it actually is. If you are still wondering what exactly Facebook Home is and if you should download it on your Android, check out the video below.

photo credit: morner via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director