Will Facebook Graph Search Affect Your Privacy?

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With over one billion users, it is no surprise that Facebook continues to innovate to keep their account holders happy. Ironically enough, these innovations are usually whined about for months, the latest complaints rising up over Facebook’s Timeline updates. However, Facebook has developed an improvement to their current system that Facebookers should be very happy about: Graph Search.

Generically the name has no context. It’s not for you to search graphs (I’m sure 7 out of 10 readers had that come to mind). No, Graph Search is simply Facebook’s new search engine.

Facebook Graph SearchHow does it work? Well, for users who are trying to find something very specific in posts made by friends or colleagues, Graph Search will eliminate almost all the time you spend staring at a bright screen and coming up empty-handed. My cousin, for example, was looking for a wedding video someone had posted to Facebook for her back in August 2012. She spent several hours going through posts of her friends and couldn’t find it.

Graph Search to the Rescue

Lucky for her, now Graph Search can help her out. Now she can search for any content that has already been shared with her by her friends.

If have uploaded public, geo-tagged images, they will be available to anyone and everyone. Have you publicly liked a brand? If so, anyone can view that like. Go camping with your friends and only want them to see it? That’s Graph Searchable–but only by your friends.

Some people are worried that Graph Search will affect their privacy. This is not the case. Facebook clearly stated in a press release that it makes finding new things much easier, but you can only search for things that you could already view on Facebook.

So if you have some embarrassing pictures that you don’t want the world to see, don’t worry about them. As long as your privacy settings aren’t set as being open for anyone to view, your posts, pictures, and videos will not show up in searches that will be performed. You can also solve this problem by untagging yourself from embarrassing photos.

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photo credit: Viktor Hertz via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director