Facebook has announced that they are planning to expand and create a phone.  The Facebook “Buffy” phone is going to be built by Facebook and HTC.

Facebook is currently having success against Google’s newest project Google+.  Not many people have switched over and it seems that Facebook is winning the Google Facebook war for now.

It is estimated that Buffy won’t be done for another year and a half.  With so many smart phones coming out now, is this the best option for Facebook?

This is especially true because by the time that the Facebook phone comes out, the iPhone 5 and more Androids will be announced and possibly finished or close to finishing.

While Facebook has 800 million users, I would say that most aren’t committed to the company.  A lot of the people I know only use it because everyone else is on it.

There are sure to be easy use of Facebook on these new phones which might be appealing to some.  Although, how many people need to check Facebook at all times and have easy access to it?

It seems Facebook seems more like something to do when you are bored and have time, not when you are on the go.  While Facebook is really big now with social media, you never know when something new will come along and take the market.

Facebook isn’t a trusted name when it comes to phones and that could hurt them.  It seems like a risky move and it is not 100% that Facebook will create Buffy, but it will be interesting to see the results if they do.

Scott Sundblom