Facebook For Kids?

Facebook considering letting a younger demographic use its social service.Facebook has been making a lot of news recently. It seems like its headlines have been dominated by its botched IPO, but there are other things going on over at FB headquarters.

As reported by Mashable, facebook is considering its options when it comes to opening up its service to children younger than 13 years of age. This had previously been against policy for facebook.

The big catch will be that these new children accounts will have to be tied to the account of a parent. The parent would then have control over who the child is friends with and what apps they install and use.

While not necessarily game changing, this news does raise some very interesting questions.

Why Does A Child Need Facebook At All?

The biggest drawback to this idea in my mind is the apparent lack of necessity. How much need is there really for a ten year old to be on facebook?

Does their circle of friends really extend beyond their classroom? When I was ten, I pretty much only knew my family and I didn’t need a social media platform to keep me updated on what was for dinner that night.

Is Facebook Just Distracting Us From Its Larger Issues?

It’s no secret that the facebook IPO was a big disappointment for pretty much everyone. Maybe this is an attempt to pull some attention away from its stock blunder.

Whatever their reasoning, do you think it’s a good idea for facebook to open its service up to a younger audience? Comment below.

Scott Sundblom