European Union Opens Anititrust Case Against Google

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It is nearly impossible to be the world’s biggest search engine and not run the risk of getting into trouble with the competition at some point. The European Union (EU) is accusing Google of using its dominance in the search engine world to its own advantage in an illegal fashion.

The competition is accusing Google of manipulating searches to lower the rankings of the competitions pages and ads on Google searches so that they show up further down the list and are not commonly viewed. The European Union has launched an official investigation in order to find out if these accusations from Google’s competition are true.

Check out this video to help understand the situation a little bit better.

The accusations against Google could have a very big effect on the SEO world, and a very big effect on Google’s wallet. Let’s face it though, it is going to be very very difficult for the European Union to prove anything, but I guess we will wait to see what happens.

Phil Sanders