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Every website owner needs an SEO toolkit

Everyone has a different level of knowledge when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. From those who have never heard of it to those who invented it, there is a wide spectrum of learning associated with marketing your website through search engines. Even among those who manage their own websites, SEO can be a tricky topic to master. And with the size and complexity of the internet combined with the top-secret search engine formulas, SEO is not an exact science, and trying to continually measure its success can seem nearly impossible. But there is good news – there are many simple tools on the web that can help even the newest website owner track his site’s progress.
One of the basic tools that can help you find current information on individual websites is a free download called “SEO for Firefox,” which can be found at SEO for Firefox can help users find accurate stats for any website on the internet. These stats include the site’s PageRank, the age of the site, the number of links to the site, it’s Alexa Rank and Rank (which we will talk about in a minute), as well as other numbers to help track the site’s reach throughout the internet. This tool is easy to install and use, and the simple compilation of statistics can bring to you the basics for website measurements.
Behind each of these numbers, though, there is plenty of background that can help you understand the deeper meanings behind these measurements. For example, Alexa Rank is generated by and measures the recent traffic your website has seen. At Alexa’s website, you can find more information on Alexa Rank as well as graphs and charts showing things such as search analytics and visitor demographics. This information can help you compare your current success to what has happened in the past. has similar statistical data, as well as the ability to compare your site to your competitors, which is always infinitely useful in marketing. Anyone who desires more information and insight than SEO for Firefox provides can look deeper into any of these rankings and measurements.
There are many more tools that can give you information on how a site is doing. SEO can be extremely beneficial for anyone managing a website, and when you use SEO tools to track your performance you can maximize the benefits and increase your website’s success.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director