Equality in Social Media

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Social media programsIn the social media world, a huge campaign named STOP THE HATE, has been targeting Facebook this week for allowing demeaning meme of rape and women violence to be posted on its pages.  For a company that prides itself on being a change for good, Facebook quickly took the advice to update its terms and conductions to include clauses forbidding these undignified images from appearing on its site.

What does this entail with the social media world for business?  It means you are being watch… always!  The Huffpost has claimed that it only take seven bad tweets against your companies Facebook page, Twitter account, or review site, to serious damage your company.  For an example of this, read about Amy’s Baking Company – How NOT to Use Social Media.

Tips for Equality in Social Media

Here I would like to offer three suggestions to promote equality and strengthen your business’s social media position.

  • First, let all be heard.  Keep all your posts open to everyone, and allow people to feel like they are able to comment on them. Most people just want to be heard but are afraid of being attacked when they express themselves.  Provide an encouraging atmosphere that uplifts people and focuses on the positive not the negative.  Don’t be the first to attack!
  • Be constant.  Make sure to get back to people quickly and individually.  This could mean the world to some that are trying to get information or trying to get affirmation about their ideas.  If you are updating and responding everyday to your client, you will win life time brand champion that will help you through your business’ life.
  • Finally, add to the conversation.  To be interesting is to be influential online.  Web surfers are typically looking for a unique place to voice their opinions and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Like and DislikeFinding a cause to talk about and join up with your business is a great way to get started on being unique and adding to the conversation.

Social Media Management is a key to the success of your business.  Stay away from hate lists of any organization or group online. Once they start talking bad about you, there may be no end to it.

Managing, updating, and checking your social media presence online can be time consuming for most businesses.  However, it is crucial to a business’s growth especially in this day and age of technology.  A good idea, if you cannot manage your own accounts, is to hire an Internet Marketing firm, like Leadgenix, to ensure a strong and personal relationship within your social media groups online.


Photo Credit: Matt Hamm and Geoff Livingston via Photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director