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Social Media EffectsWhen Facebook and Twitter first hit it big this was a question that many concerned parents asked themselves. Then when those parents began to join these networks it was a question for the grandparents to ask. Then finally the grandparents joined in on the fun, and it is has now become a question that we a society ask.

Video Game EffectsIf we look back in history we see that this question is far from new. When watching television first became popular people asked, “is this making us less social?” When chatting online or texting became big, the question surfaced again. When video games became more popular for kids than playing in the coldesac, people asked once more.

Social Media EffectWhen anything becomes so popular that it takes up large amounts of time, people will immediately begin to look for arguments against it. This has been the case with such websites as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc, as people continually look for the negative effects of social media. However, as often is the case, the quick to judge critic is wrong. Social Media has not made us less social, it has just changed the way we meet people.

Social media has allowed us to stay in contact with friends, family and business associates for longer periods of time and at greater distances. So I guess you could say in that sense Social Media has helped us to become even more social. These different sites have given us an added opportunity to connect with people in similar professional fields, or with those who share similar interests. It has taught us how to network, which is an important social aspect of life. Obviously interacting with someone online is never the same as in person, but that does not mean that it makes us less social. As Social Media Marketing Services become even bigger, and as the number of Social Media users increase, the debate will push on.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director