Do People "Like" Your Website?

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Social Media is beginning to  branch out all over the website.  Fewer and fewer websites are finding themselves free of social media connections right on their page.  Between RSS feeds, Twitter buttons, and automatic social bookmark links, it is getting easier to stay up-to-date on nearly everything you do through your social networks.

One of the newest major additions you can get for your website is the Facebook “Like” button.  Everyone who’s been on Facebook sees this button everywhere, allowing you to show your support of groups, status updates, advertisements, and practically everything else.  The concept behind this is simple but effective – a person is more likely to check out something new if they see that their trusted friends approve of it.  It is an ingenious way to communicate to people by word of mouth, or as it is commonly referred to now, word of “mouse”.

And now that “Like” button is available as a plug-in for anyone to add to their website or blog posts.  The way it works is simple – follow Facebook’s easy steps to put the button on your site, and then anyone who goes there can see how many people Like your site.  If they are already signed into Facebook, it will also show them their friends that Like the site. The viewer can then, if they choose,  click on the Like button, a pop-up allows them to sign into Facebook if they aren’t already, and they can Like your website.   This is a great way to get social approval of your site or blog post.

As these social media buttons get more popular, they will continue to evolve to help the entire internet become a giant social network.  And those sites that are implementing these new techniques are going to have the advantage of instant feedback, reviews, and insight into their viewers and potential target markets.

So I’ll ask you the question you will soon be seeing all over the internet:

Did you like this?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director