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In our office at Big Leap, my cubicle is only 10 feet away from a few of our sales representatives and while I work at my computer it is difficult not to eavesdrop on their telephone calls. While one of them was explaining to a client the nature of SEO he said, “you could do it yourself, if you had the time.” I began to reflect on DIY SEO, and I came to the conclusion that he was both correct and incorrect.

There certainly are aspects of SEO that are not too difficult, for example, blogging, submitting to directories, bookmarking and seeking link exchanges. With a little training, almost anyone who is comfortable with a computer could do this.

However, there are other aspects that are much more advanced especially on-site edits which require a deep understanding of HTML and CSS or knowing how to choose the right keywords. The main reason that very few people could do their own SEO work and need to hire a company to do it for them is knowledge.

SEO is a constantly changing field, it seems like we are daily shifting our strategies in order to keep on top of the industry and keep our clients on the top of the SERPs. Any competent person that knows how to use simple woodworking tools “could” build a boat, but without the knowledge of how to combine all the different skills and resources, they would be unlikely to build anything that would float much or less get them across an ocean.

For example, in the past, a common SEO technique was to comment on a blog post and leave your keywords in the namespace. Recently however Google announced that this would be considered spamming. If someone doing their own search engine optimization was unaware of this change in Google’s policies, they would actually be penalizing their website’s ranking rather than boosting it.

So, in conclusion, DIY SEO is an option, but for anyone reading this who is not a professional in search engine optimization make sure you keep updated on changes in the industry and consider that hiring an experienced company might be well with your investment in the long run.

If you are still convinced that you want to do it your self, here is a video that shows you how to use a great bookmarking tool called Onlywire.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director