Trial and Error only works if you can pay the price

SMACK. The sound my 5-year-old body made as I jumped off the high dive and belly flopped on the water surface.

SLAP. The sound of my mother’s hand striking the back of my head for 1) scaring her half to death, and 2) being an idiot.

HMMMPF. The sound of defiance as I stomped back toward the high dive while my mother yelled sarcastically, “Good, do it again. I hope you fall on your back this time. That way you learn.”

Recently I saw a commercial about a couple opening up a restaurant who used the internet to accomplish surprising success. My friend is currently in the beginning stages of starting up his own business and for some reason, both the commercial and my friends situation made me think of me at 5-years-old jumping off the high dive.

SMACK. The sound of my small business entrepreneur friend enthusiastically hitting the financial wall of loss as he starts his business.

SLAP. The sound of his hand connecting with his face repeatedly, as he wonders why he ever thought that starting his own business was a good financial idea.

Starting your business doesn’t have to be painful when you use the correct kind of internet marketing

HMMMPF. The sound of defiance as I explain the cost and benefit of internet marketing, while he mentally decides to do it all himself.

At the age of five, I stubbornly jumped off the high dive a total of eight times, exchanging landings between my face and back. I bled. And my mother sat on the side patiently awaiting my surrender.

Each time I passed her on my way back to the high dive she would ask, “Are you ready to learn?”

My mother understood that I was trying to imitate an older more experienced diver. She understood that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. After eight times of body flopping on the concrete-like surface of the water, I gave-in and withdrew in the battle between independence and dependence.

My mother had asked the diver I was failing to copy if he would teach me once I stopped being a moron and he graciously accepted.

I spent the rest of the day learning how to dive. I went from diving off the side of the pool to a low diving board. I eventually reached my goal of the high dive and with proper guidance and instruction I eventually was able to do some pretty cool dives off the high dive.

Businesses no longer achieve the same ROI results from traditional advertising as before. You can try to go about it independently using trial and error like I did at the age of five, or you can use a constant truth that my mother understood – ask for help.

There is always going to be a cost. At five I had to learn that doing that awesome somersault in the air before gracefully slicing into the water was going to take time. For an impatient 5-year-old, that concept is strenuous.

At the mature age of 24, my entrepreneurial minded friend is learning the same concept, except his cost is financial and unlike my time cost, his cost has a limit.

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photo credit: Zach Klein via photopin cc